Beach Bum Bingo!! 2018!!

Are you ready to get Back to the Beach??!!!

We’re kicking off Beach Bum Bingo for 2018 Monday, April 30th!  Get ready to play and win a trip to the beautiful Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida!


Here’s how it works:

First…get a current Beach Bum Bingo Game Card!  Download your bingo card HERE.

NEXT…listen in for those Beach Bum Bingo songs!

You’ll hear us announce 3 “special” songs throughout the day!  Tune in Monday through Friday in the 7AM, 12noon, and 4PM hours on New Country Z100!  When you hear those songs announced, mark it down on your current Beach Bum Bingo card!  KEEP TRACK OF THE TIME AND DATE THE SONG WAS PLAYED!  Songs outside of that time frame are NOT Beach Bum Bingo songs!(Make sure you have the correct game card).

Then…when you finally have a bingo, be the first caller at 1-800-455-1100!  Tell us the songs that form a bingo, by title and artist, plus the time & date they were played, and you are a winner!  If you don’t make it in, that’s OK!  Hang onto your non-winning Beach Bum Bingo cards, and get them back to us PRONTO!  We’ll take all non-winning cards and put them into the Grand Prize drawing which will occur 5 business days after our 4th bingo winner is confirmed!  You could win a 5-day/4-night vacation at the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach Florida!  Include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail on the back of your card and mail it to… Beach Bum Bingo, New Country Z100, 1431 Country Aire Drive, Carterville, IL  62918


WINNER #1  Valerie Anderson from HERRIN