Z100’s “Quizzle for Cash” Rules


Z100’s “Quizzle for Cash” Rules:


The Quizzle is a four-line “poem” or puzzle that describes an inanimate object. (unless otherwise specified)


  1. Each weekday(excluding holidays) the Quizzle is not solved, another clue will be added.
  2. The Quizzle will be played at random times Mon.-Fri. between 7am-7pm (excluding holidays).
  3. The first person to correctly identify the Quizzle on the air, wins the cash.
  4. No clues or previously guessed incorrect answers may be given to callers over the phone, text, email or online, etc.
  5. You must be at least 18 years of age to play.
  6. One winner per household per course of the entire contest.
  7. When a Quizzle has been solved, the new Quizzle will begin on the following Monday (unless specified otherwise, excluding holidays).
  8. The Quizzle jackpot will start with $500 and $100 will be added each weekday it is played until a winner is determined.  Once the cumulative jackpots total $4000, no additional money will be added.
  9. Z100 judges decision is final.
  10. Z100 is not responsible for inability to complete phone calls.
  11. Contestants automatically consent to having their voice and/or likeness used for promotional purposes.
  12. Winners agree upon acceptance of prize that Z100, Mississippi River Radio, their advertising affiliates and employees shall have no liability in connection with acceptance or use of any prize awarded.
  13. Any taxes associated with cash &/or prizes is the sole responsibility of the winners. Winners of $600 or more will receive a 1099 Tax Form in 2020.
  14.  Additions and/or deletions to the Quizzle rules may be made at any time.
  15. Z100 is not responsible for announcer misspeaking.
  16. Z100 reserves the right to alter or discontinue  this contest at any time.
  17. A copy of the rules is available at the Z100 studio or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:  Quizzle Rules, c/o Z100, 1431 Country Aire Drive, Carterville, IL  62918.