Healthcare Heroes: Honoring SIH Nurses

Help us honor SIH nurses! Do you have a nurse who has impacted your life in a positive way? Well, we want to thank that nurse for their unwavering service and their impeccable care. You can text us your nurse story at 618-985-3983 or send it to us using the form below. If you have a photo we’d be happy to share it in our online gallery. We might even read some of your stories on air. Thank the nurse in your life with the help of New Country Z100 and SIH!

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the first nurse I met at the SIH Cancer Institue was Shauna Kay. I was scared to death and she was so compassionate, reassuring me that everything would be okay. She gave me a pocket angel to keep with me on my journey. That angel always gave me strength and positivity. I am thankful to have her as my nurse.” – Lori, Carterville

“Johnna Barter always goes above and beyond for her patients and other staff. After my aunt passed away Johnna had my back through it all, on and off the floor. She was there every day to check on me and comfort me. She is an amazing nurse and friend. She has built me into the person I am today and restored my faith in wanting to become a nurse. I don’t know if I could have made it through my aunt’s passing without Johnna. Everyone needs a nurse like Johnna.” – Heather, Herrin

“Abby Etters, Lindsey Taylor, and Lindsey Michelle Green Clark are amazing nurses! They go above and beyond for their patients. It’s nurses like them that help the world go round.” – Debbie, West Frankfort

“Etta Hampton and Terra Hampton are amazing, caring, and loving nurses. They are so compassionate and attentive to their patients.” – Alexis, Murphysboro

“Erin really helped me through the procedure I had done on my heart. She recognized my anxiety and with humor and kindness helped make me feel better and more confident. Thank you Erin!” – Brian, Carbondale

“My wife Erin Shaw is the most dedicated nurse I have ever met. She is an advocate for her patients and works tirelessly to do everything she can for them. She is confident in her craft and an asset to her hospital.” – Matthew, Marion

“I will always be forever grateful to my labor and delivery nurses, Penny, Crystal, Christy, Hally, Amanda, Sabrina, and Patty. They gave me the strength I needed to push through. They supported me every step of the way and I can’t imagine getting through without them. I appreciate each one of these nurses and they will always be in my heart.” – Lauren, Murphysboro

“Lori Little is a great nurse. She cares so much for her patients and would give them the shirt off her back.” – Katie, Herrin

“I would love to honor the nursing staff from the North & Ortho at Herrin Hospital. I’ve been honored to work with this team as the manager since July 2018. During this time I have watched a strong, caring group of health care professionals go above and beyond time after time, making a difference in the lives of every patient & family they encounter. They truly display the characteristics SIH values; respect, integrity, compassion, stewardship, accountability, and quality. I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing team.” – Lisa, West Frankfort

“Tina Melvin, Toni Hammer, and Michelle Perryman are amazing nurses. They make you feel important. They are compassionate and positive. They took the time to get to know me, as they do all their patients. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.” – Stacy, Herrin

“Brooke Toedte has a true calling to care for the cancer patients in our region. She goes out of her way for her patients and treats each patient special.” – Jennifer, Carterville

Melissa Mifflin is an extraordinary nurse. The joy that spreads to the patients is contagious. She shows her passion for nursing with each patient she takes care of. She is willing and ready to learn more each day. this motivation in her is positive to all who work with her.” – Diane, Carbondale

“Karen Hill has spent many years taking care of the patients in Southern Illinois. She is a kind, caring, and dedicated person who helps anyone who crosses her path. She goes out of her way to make sure everything possible has been done.” – Diane, Carbondale

“Merry Korando is an exceptional nurse who goes above and beyond her everyday requirements. Not only does she take great care of patients, but she is always lending a helping hand to coworkers. She is a strong team player and a mentor who passes her knowledge along to help everyone make the patient experience better.” – Diane, Carbondale

“Penny Wyatt goes above and beyond for each of her patients. With her spunky personality, she can brighten up any room. She is very caring and has a big heart. Penny is the true meaning of a nurse.” – Maria, Carbondale

SIH Honoring Nurses