First Responder: Tim Brumley

Our First Responder Friday salute this week goes out to Tim Brumley, with the Jackson County Ambulance Service!  Tim served 36 years with Jackson County, and here’s the e-mail we recieved for him…

“Tim has served Jackson County Ambulance Service for 36 years. He recently retired from being our Assistant Director. I just wanted him to know how important he is to all of the Medics. He has taught us, put up with us and been in the trenches with us. He is the type of boss that needs to be modeled, he would not ask you to do something he would not do himself. He was always checking on his crew to make sure they were doing ok and when the day seemed like it was not going to end he came in to make sure you could finish. As Paramedics you go in for your shift not knowing how long you will truly be there. He sacrificed 36 years to make sure the people of Jackson County were taken care of. He has been through a lot of changes and made sure he was the best at them.

Thank you TIM!!

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