***WARNING:  Gross dog-related chewed-up image coming up***


So yeah, last night my dog, Remi, was chewing on a rawhide bone.  I don’t know if you give your dog these bones, but my family won’t be giving any to our dog anymore.  It was about 9:30 last night, and I heard some really weird breathing coming out of our dog.  His breathing was haggered, and it was really really loud.  And it kept getting louder.  He was pacing all over the kitchen floor and wouldn’t get a drink of water.  Just acting really weird.

I was concerned.

So I googled, “dog choking on a rawhide bone”.  And sure enough, there were all kinds of cases of dogs choking to death on these things!  Crap!  My dog is choking!!  AGH!!  He may have had air flow moving in and out, but Remi was struggling to the point that something had to be done.

My stepson, Ethan, grabbed his mouth and held it open, and then I looked inside and found a tiny sliver of white in the very back of my dog’s throat!  I had to get it out, and it was going to be a fight.  He didn’t snap at us, but Remi was ticked!  We made a couple attempts and finally I was able to reach back there and grab hold of this tiny piece of white thing, or so I thought.  This tiny piece of white thing ended up being about a foot long piece of rawhide that was lodged in my dog’s wind-pipe!!  Holy cow!!

This was what I pulled out of my dog’s throat last night. Moral of the story…no more rawhide bones for our dog.