I stalked my wife’s pinterest last week to find something she may like for her birthday.  She had a coffee mug display thing pinned to one of her boards, so…I decided to try my hand at this one!  My wife is addicted to coffee, and she has several hundred coffee mugs that would look cool being displayed next to the coffee machine.  This project all starts with a wooden pallet, and is pretty basic.  So even mechanically challenged people like myself can accomplish this!  (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO)

First thing you need is a wooden pallet.  I got mine for 5$ at Harper Feed Mill in Herrin.


Next I cut out a 4 panel section of the pallet with my circular saw.  I ended up with something like this.


Lots of sanding with my power sander, and by hand.  There’s a lot of rough edges you’ll need to clean up.  I used a gray stain, and painted the word “COFFEE!” on the top using an acrylic paint and some stencils…


The next part sounds like the easiest, but it was actually the most difficult.  I bought a couple packages of coat hangers and placed them on the pallet.  As I was drilling them into place, all my screws broke, so I had to use different ones.  I’m sure if I had pre-drilled the holes it wouldn’t have been such an ordeal.  But who has time to pre-drill dang it!!??


After it’s all said and done, you should have something that looks like this!  Happy Coffee-Mug-Displaying!!