In case you missed it, we had a hoot, and a nanny, a veritable hootenanny! On this morning’s #KiTC Morning Show…

1.)  Stuff you miss which they don’t make anymore!  Mainly food!  I have always missed the original Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle soup, and my wife misses the “Mrs. Allison’s Jelly-Top” cookies.  So, I opened up the phone lines, and the facebook, and here’s some of what I got… (click HERE for audio )!

2.)  Tough Tuesday Trivia:  This happened only once in Super Bowl history, clear back in 1977.  What is it?  ANSWER:  There was no national anthem!  Instead, Vicki Carr sang “America the Beautiful”.  Congratulations to Heidi Snyderlynn from Benton, she won 2 tickets to see Dustin Lynch at Black Diamond Harley Davidson on February 19th! (click HERE for audio)

3.)  Can things really get any more painful on this season of ABC’s the Bachelor?  What frustrates me is this… the producers of the show focus more on stupid crazy drama, than showcasing the different people who are really there for the right reasons.  Give me a break!!  There are more people on the show than Corrine.  But, that’s who we get to see every week.  Here’s the Bachelor Update in case you missed it!  (click HERE for audio)

bachelor update logo 4.)  Dolly Parton had some trouble getting on stage the other night at the SAG awards.  They needed to see her ID’s, or something else!  I’ll share the line of the night from Dolly herself!  (click HERE for audio)

5.)  My friend Greg Poole is awesome!  Through his generosity, we have been able to auction off hundreds of items over the years, raising thousand upon thousands of dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!  We got a visit from Greg this morning with a truckload of items which we will add to our upcoming on-air auctions!  Be listening because we’ll auction all of them off to the highest bidders coming soon!  And, once again all the money goes to St. Jude!

My friend Greg Poole with an autographed, unique", picture of acotr Jason Alexander from TV's Seinfeld. And, I've got a Micky Mantle 1959 baseball glove.
My friend Greg Poole with an autographed, unique”, picture of actor Jason Alexander from TV’s Seinfeld. And, I’ve got a Micky Mantle 1959 baseball glove.


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