1.)  I WANT THIS!!  It’s the world’s first-ever trombone gun!  It doesn’t shoot anything, but it produces a massive “TOOT” every time you pull the trigger!  Check it out!!

2.)  It’s time for the 3-day weekend!  Here’s what the experts say about it:

There are plenty of reasons why EVERY weekend should be a three-day weekend. Here are a few:

– Planning short vacations (like a three- or four-day weekend) throughout the year is good for employee well-being.

– Working long hours is bad for your physical and mental health. A study found that workers who put in 55 hours per week or more had a 33 percent greater risk of stroke and a 13 percent greater risk of heart disease.

– Kids do better when they have a four-day school week. According to a study by Georgia State and Montana State Universities, elementary school kids who were in a four-day school week program scored significantly higher in math than those who went to school five days a week. (huffington post)


Question:  About 165,000 Americans will do this in a typical week.  What is it?  Answer:  Host a garage/yard sale!  Congratulations going out to Renee Rheinecker from Pinckneyville!  She won 2 tickets to the Grand Ole Opry! (click HERE for winning audio)


4.)  Bachelor UPDATE!  It is down to the Final Four and the hometown dates!  Nick went 4-wheeler ridin’, learned Italian, and tried on a pair of $800.oo seatpants!  My wife Joy joined me on the show this morning and breaks all the craziness down for ya! (click HERE for audio)

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