First Responder Brian Pierce

Our First Responder THANK YOU today goes out to Brian Pierce with the Makanda Fire Department!  Thank you Brian, for the work you do!  Here’s the nomination we received for Brian…

“I would like to nominate Brian Pierce and the Makanda Fire Department for 1st responder Friday. Brian is not only a very close friend, but he is a hero to me and the lives he saves. He is a Correctional officer at night and during the day if the tones go off he responds to the calls in a heartbeat even if he gets little to no sleep. He will show up and be there whenever help is needed, and doesn’t hesitate for one split second. He has had a passion for firefighting/1st responding like I’ve never seen before and it’s been this way since he first started at the age of 15. Brian never steps down from a hard challenge or situation no matter how hard it may be. Not everyone can or will put their life on the line to help someone in need and I would just like to thank Brian and the Makanda Fire Department for what they do, and the hours of hard work they put in daily.”

If you know someone who simply deserves a THANK YOU, and a shout out on the air, nominate him or her HERE for our First Responder Friday salute!  We’ll be saying THANK YOU, all the way through 2018!