I recently read an article online about bacteria and germs.  In it, the author stated that a public toilet seat has fewer germs than your kitchen sink!  And furthermore…we should stop spreading toilet paper on the toilet seat before we use it!  So… I thought I would put that to the test.  I invited Dr. Scott Hamilton-Brehm, assistant professor with SIU Microbiology to come over to River Radio studios, and swab some of the surfaces we touch on a daily basis!  Trevor and Shiomi, two students in the microbiology department, showed up with “Dr. Scott”, armed with petri dishes, swabs, and bravery!  We swabbed several places at the station:

  1.  The New Country Z100 studio microphone
  2. The big yellow button that we push every day (at least a couple hundred times)
  3. The kitchen sink
  4. A sponge we all use to clean up our messes
  5. The men’s room toilet seat

    So, Dr. Scott will put these samples under a microscope, and we’ll see the results ASAP!  When I get the results back, I’ll put them online, and we’ll talk about it on the air!  In case you missed it, here’s our interview from this morning’s #KiTC Morning Show!  AND, just how effective is hand sanitizer??  You’ll fid out that answer at the 5:30 mark in the audio!  (Just in time for cold and flu season)

Me, “Dr. Scott”, Trevor, and Shiomi, from SIU Microbiology
This is the “Big Yellow Button”. We push this thing at least a hundred times a shift!
Everybody touches this button, and if nothing prints, some people punch this button.
This cleans up everything from moldy cheese stains, to dried-on spaghetti sauce from the DJ’s left-overs…
One word… ‘spittle”.
“Pray Ye”
Why do we have a knife this big?
Maybe we should’ve swabbed the bras from our Bra Brigade!?
Collecting samples!