Luke Bigham from Pinckneyville Archery!

My friend’s with Anderson’s Warehouse Furniture in Herrin want to help me “Broadcast the Good” all through 2019!  So this year, we’ve started something on Friday’s on the #KiTC Morning Show called, “Feel Good Friday”!  (Cue up some James Brown)  Every Friday, you’ll hear about something good!  Could be close to home, could be across the country!  And we’ll share it on the air, plus right here on the web!  If you know of someone doing something good, it could be ANYTHING, as long as its GOOD!  Let me know!  Send me an email, or a message on facebook!

Well this is about as good as it gets!  I saw this video on facebook of a high school student in Pinckneyville shooting a bow with only his left hand, and his mouth!  Luke Bigham has overcome a few obstacles in his life, and this is just one more on his list.  He received a special adaptive device which allows him to pull the string back with his mouth.  For a “Feel Good Friday” moment today, I talked with Luke, and his coach, Pinckneyville superintendent of schools, Keith Hagene on today’s #KiTC Morning Show!  In case you missed it, here is the phone call!

And, here’s the original video of Luke using the device for the first time!  CLICK HERE for video!