The IHSA has been hit with a lawsuit from Thomas DeVore of the St. Louis area.  DeVore, a lawyer in the metro area, is suing on the behalf of his two children, who will be seniors in the Hillsboro Community School District.  He claims his sons will be irreparably harmed by participation rules the IHSA introduced this month and claims the IHSA exceeded its authority by placing new limits on sports participation.

The lawsuit claims the changes that came to IHSA’s Phase Four Return to Play Guidelines last week were the result of an outbreak at just one Illinois school, Lake Zurich High School.  According to a July 7 email included in the filing, the school saw positive tests among 10 students who participated in Lake Zurich sports camps.

Governor Pritzker’s deputy governor for education, Jesse Ruiz, went on to contact IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson with updated measures to the Phase Four Return to Play Guidelines.  DeVore claims that the new guidelines are the “illegal product of collusion between state agencies.”

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