cheeseburger WINNER - Mike's

The cheeseburger is one of my favorite food groups!  And people are passionate about their burgers, and the places to get a good cheeseburger!  I had votes for Liz’s Cafe in Eldorado, The Mills Cafe in Carrier Mills, West Frankfort Bowling Alley, Chuck’s BBQ in Herrin, Lou Dean’s in Hurst, The Corner Pocket in DuQuoin, Bonnie Cafe, Seasoning’s on the square in Benton, The Italian Club in Coelo, JT’s on the Hill in Zeigler, Jack’s Meat Market in Murphysboro, and on and on and on!! I didn’t have time to get all the phone calls on the air!! So many great cheeseburgers, so little time!!  In the end, after the votes were counted and tallied, the top-vote getter, and going onto the Best of the Best WALL of FAME is… Mike’s Drive-In!  West Frankfort, IL!  Thank you for all of the calls, and comments, another round of “The Best of the Best” is coming up next Wednesday!