7-year-old Hadley Jo DeVore is a grade school student with special needs. She’s at risk of having epileptic seizures — but also has a guardian by her side each day — Ariel, a service dog who alerts others if Hadley is in trouble.

Well, Hadley was surprised recently to see a picture of Ariel in the school yearbook, right next to her on the page.

The relationship between Hadley and Ariel — and their relationship with other students at the school — is sure to continue. Where Hadley goes, Ariel goes … which was perfectly reflected with their pictures in the yearbook. (Louisville Courier Journal)

Hadley Jo’s family has started a fund, with the National Epilepsy Foundation called, “Hope For Hadley Jo Service Dog Project”.  This fund will help provide service dogs to kids at risk for seizures.  If you’d like to contribute to the cause, CLICK HERE.