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Name: Tracy McSherry-McKown

Hometown: Energy

Where’s home now? (what town): Herrin

Family? Husband, Kent…..married 8 years

Kids? Bonus daughters: Bailey – 15 and Shelby – 12

Favorite thing(s) to do in Southern Illinois: Growing or attempting to grow tropical plants! Driving around the country roads & soaking up the natural beauty the landscape has to offer. Riding bikes another favorite pass time plus an occasional game of tennis.

Any hidden talents? None, whatsoever.

First Job: Cleaning the bathroom at The Craft Shop in Energy when I was in 5th grade.
Thornton’s Market – cashier (first real gig).

Favorite Food: I’m a steak & potatoes girl.

Embarrassing childhood memory: Forgot my lines in a play at Energy Grade School sports banquet…….and then there was the time I forgot to put my tights on under my cheerleading outfit! UGH!!! Notice a recurring theme here……

Favorite Movie(s): Jerry McGuire; Horton Hears a Who

Favorite TV Show(s): The Daily Show with Jon Steware; The Soup; 60 Minutes

If you weren’t at Z-100, where would you be? Working at a nursery (with plants). Or as an editor at a production company.

Best concert: Norah Jones at the Fox & Garth in Carbondale & Taylor Swift in St. Louis!

Worst concert: Alabama at Sikeston Rodeo

Favorite Country Artist: Raul Malo ( I know….that’s a stretch )

Favorite Country Song: Oh What a Thrill

Bad habit? Hmmmmm…..where to begin…..sugarholic, need I say more?

Favorite Z-100 memory? There are so many, I forget.

What do you like best about working at Z-100? I never quit learning! Everyday is a new experience.

Crunchy or Creamy? Creamy

Strait or Jones? Strait

Boxers or Briefs? Brief boxers

Chinese or Mexican? Mexican